Logistics specialising in the storage of chemical products

CDM Logistics offers a considerable advantage by enabling the storage of hazardous materials in a single warehouse, eliminating the need to distribute them in small quantities far apart from each other.
Our facilities comply with Seveso regulations and are specifically designed to safely store sizeable amounts of chemicals. Hazardous and non-hazardous items can be stored in a single warehouse, streamlining the entire management process.

We are a qualified and certified partner catering to businesses seeking to optimise and improve their logistics operations in the chemical sector. We offer Seveso-certified warehouses that correspond to various risk categories, such as aerosols, toxic, very toxic, oxidising and environmentally hazardous products. These environments are divided into compartments that comply with different risk thresholds. We have specialised expertise, relevant permits and authorisations for the storage of hazardous materials, and excellent organisational and management capabilities. We offer ADR transportation services with a fleet of vehicles that are equipped in compliance with regulations and operated by trained and regularly updated drivers.

Safety and the environment

Simplified management

We make it easier for companies to manage their supply chain. Hazardous and non-hazardous goods can be stored in a single warehouse, improving organisation and delivery times.

Environmental safety

We ensure full compliance with Seveso regulations for the storage of chemical substances. Through advanced technological solutions, we prevent contamination and environmental pollution.

Security and prevention

The goods stored in our warehouses are also safe from intrusion. An advanced system of alarms, sensors and intrusion barriers protects the products from theft attempts.