Logistics Services

From storage to transport, your products are in good hands

Using our expertise and professionalism, we manage chemicals by ensuring the best possible storage and handling conditions. We operate safely and in compliance with the Seveso law and ADR Transport regulations.
Our technical department is fully committed to managing dangerous goods, and assisting companies with all aspects of chemical logistics. It calculates and optimises space availability in the warehouses according to the product category and risk levels. It verifies the proper storage of batches and the state of preservation. It monitors the conformity of incoming and outgoing shipments, checking the accuracy of labels and transport documents.
With ADR transport, dangerous goods are delivered from our warehouse to their final destination safely and promptly. Our approach to transport is focused on enhancing control, sustainability and efficiency.

Logistics and transport in ADR

CDM efficiently stores hazardous goods in a single warehouse and manages deliveries through ADR transport. Discover all the services.